SOGo v5.10.0 released
February 21, 2024

The Alinto team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.10.0. This is a major release of SOGo which add new features and a lot of bug fixes.

What’s new with 5.10.0


Message of the Day

Super User can set a message of the day that would be shown at the login page. To do that be sure to have set the table OCSAdminURL and define your super users with the param SOGoSuperUsernames in your sogo.conf:

OCSAdminURL = "mysql://<user>:<password>@";
SOGoSuperUsernames = ("");

Note that sogo will automatically create the table OCSAdminURL if missing, no need to do it manually.

A new ‘Administration’ panel will be available for those super user where they can change the message of the day.

This functionnality has been sponsored by one of our prenium customer: the University Of Cologne

You’ll find the administration button next to mail, calendar and contact: administration panel

Once the message od the day set, it will show to every user in at the login page! message od the day on login page

Hide mail in website url

SOGo website use your email in its url like this:!/Mail/0/INBOX

New parameters will encrypt this so you url will look like something like this:!/Mail/0/INBOX

To do that set those parameters in your sogo.conf:

SOGoURLEncryptionEnabled = YES;
SOGoURLEncryptionPassphrase = "16_chars_secrets";

Show some entries in global address book

New parameters allow you to show some entries when you click on your Global Address Book folder in Contacts.

SOGoGlobalAddressBookFirstEntries = YES;
SOGoGlobalAddressBookFirstEntriesCount = 78; //Number of entries shown, default to 100

Global Address Book

Smtp server for auxiliary’s accounts

You can now set the smtp server for your auxiliary’s accounts. Auxiliary’s accounts are enable if these two parameters are set like this:

SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled  = YES;
SOGoCreateIdentitiesDisabled          = NO;

Now go to Preferences -> Mail -> New Mail Account

This functionnality has been sponsored by one of the sogo community user: sogouser5646

Exemple for a gmail address, mind that you have to enable the imap in your gmail account.

Auxiliary account

What’s next for SOGo

The next planned version would be the 5.10.1. The main goal is to update ckeditor from version 4 to 5. It will also include some bugfixes, for current ones or new ones with 5.10.0

Complete changelog


Bug Fixes

  • acl: bool was not set to NO (e81fdad)
  • addressbook: Fix exception when using multiple address book source and searching. Fixes #5906. (f85c531)
  • build: fix missing ld flag in GNUmakefile (136134). This fix has been made by @konsultaner
  • calendar: Couldn’t choose some reminder options when creating events (8dc69ef)
  • calendar: Fix high memory usage when importing an ics (3acab3f)
  • calendar: Prevent clicking on delete event button when network is slow (acd4a1f)
  • contacts: c_cn could be null whereas it isn’t (6aab869)
  • contacts: Custom contacts categories in sogo.conf wasn’t working (26c7462)
  • core: Add missing method WORequest+SOGo.h (31a66c4)
  • core: SOPE Add error handler on sax parsing (pushBytes) (ff9a7f9)
  • crypto: add protections for decryption (a6319e1)
  • crypto: check if NSData is null terminated (5197b9b)
  • docs: Fix typo in documentation (9560bdc)
  • gnustep: SOPE chance constant name when using gnutspe > 1.29 (393f20c) This fix has been made by @binary-jam
  • http: SOPE http header host was not correct for local url (4b9366d)
  • imap: SOPE Fix some cases where IMAP delimiter was returned as empty(1160846)
  • js: Remove check version for ckeditor (5081de1)
  • mail: Disable inline images in attachments when HTML emails writing is disabled. Fixes #5877. (0d0eda2)
  • mail: Fix inline pdf attachement issue when Hide inline attachment option is set. Now the option hides only inline images (9e3e3b2 a6fc83c)
  • mail: Fix inline text issue when Hide inline attachment option is set (00d6956)
  • mail: Fix security @import css injection (2146870)
  • mail: Use text/plain fallback if an error occured while parsing html message (f56910d)
  • mail:: SOPE allow ‘GMT’ timezone in mail header (604c8ef)
  • password recovery: Add default from mail parameter (26b1467)
  • preferences: Add error message when SOGoCreateIdentitiesDisabled is enabled and user try to activate html fields with browser inspector. Check changes of email and replyTo. (f27b33a)
  • preferences: Fix error 500 when changing password (37379ba)
  • sql: SOPE remove deprecated param for mysql (3d4613c8)
  • ui: Fix text/placeholder overlaps when Chrome autofill applies (51b6c0d)


  • ar: Update Arabic translations (1206d2f)
  • bg_BG: Update Bulgarian translations (65d31f2)
  • bs_BA: Update Bosnian translations (ace1515)
  • ca: Update Catalan translations (344d4da)
  • cs: Update Czech translations (af22a30)
  • cy: Update Welsh translations (ca1d549)
  • da_DK: Update Danish translations (c8eee39)
  • de: Update German translations (28f446a)
  • es_AR: Update SpanishArgentina translations (7582266)
  • es_ES: Update SpanishSpain translations (30f819e)
  • eu: Update Basque translations (c2fc80e)
  • fi: Update Finnish translations (ce8c697)
  • fr: Update French translations (62d5414)
  • gl: Update Galician translations (ef29aa2)
  • he: Update Hebrew translations (82db4d9)
  • hr_HR: Update Croatian translations (c5b6611)
  • hu: Update Hungarian translations (8581aa7)
  • id_ID: Update Indonesian translations (c3cefb6)
  • is: Update Icelandic translations (ae85548)
  • it: Update Italian translations (e924ac4)
  • ja: Update Japanese translations (a75bfbb)
  • kk: Update Kazakh translations (adc17a3)
  • lt: Update Lithuanian translations (ab8c236)
  • lv: Update Latvian translations (74a730d)
  • mk_MK: Update Macedonian translations (adf2d40)
  • nb_NO: Update NorwegianBokmal translations (ee55f7a)
  • nl: Update Dutch translations (ad75555)
  • nn_NO: Update NorwegianNynorsk translations (add792f)
  • pl: Update Polish translations (083fa1f)
  • pt_BR: Update BrazilianPortuguese translations (434be9e)
  • pt: Update Portuguese translations (26719a1)
  • ro_RO: Update Romanian translations (c827880)
  • ru: Update Russian translations (0f0ecf7)
  • sk: Update Slovak translations (2db48dc)
  • sl_SI: Update Slovenian translations (24888b2)
  • sr_ME@latin: Update Montenegrin translations (71e66d6)
  • sr@latin: Update SerbianLatin translations (91c22c0)
  • sr: Update Serbian translations (5146d9d)
  • sv: Update Swedish translations (c93b1e9)
  • tr_TR: Update TurkishTurkey translations (2b1e7bd)
  • uk: Update Ukrainian translations (34407df)
  • zh_CN: Update ChineseChina translations (31eb798)
  • zh_TW: Update ChineseTaiwan translations (7e78781)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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