SOGo v5.9.1 released
December 12, 2023

The Alinto team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.9.1. This is a minor release of SOGo which add new enhancements and bug fixes.


  • addressbook: Add global address book autocomplete on vlist (11ad203 0b1f2b0 0560efd f85c531)
  • core: Add mobile provisioning download for Apple’s devices (19915e3 6d16ee7 d38cc86 cd50ee0 65f8336 4fe01f9 a273f7a)
  • core: add SOGoDisableExport option to disable export for mail, calendar and contacts (d0b4b50)
  • core: Add SOGoDisableSharingAnyAuthUser option to disable sharing to any user authenticated for mail, contacts and calendar (e0ef59d)
  • mail: Add an option in Preferences to display full email instead of name alone in mailboxes (2e670f7)
  • mail: Add SOGoMailHideInlineAttachments option to hide attachments when inline. Fixes #5490. (f41ab2e abce5f4 aa53524 ca2c5c1)
  • password: Add specials characters to POLICY_MIN_SPECIAL_SYMBOLS (7d66699)
  • preferences: can set SOGoForwardConstraints to 3 to accept both internal and external domains from SOGoForwardConstraintsDomains (c872fb4)
  • reply: add references header when replying (b396a27)
  • ux: select all button will unselect all if click again (6e60b10 1ae02eb)

Bug Fixes

  • core: Fix issue on file descriptors where TLS packet is sent on invalid file descriptor when reusing fd. Improve NGSocket, remove ssl free on shutdown and shutdown from dealloc (a507a6f 8ac29ca)
  • addressbook: autocomplete correctly return two contacts from two ldap with same id (1d3da92)
  • calendar: do not let DURATION and DTEND be both present in vevent (0023a9c)
  • calendar: If content is NSData, properly convert it to NSString (21571ab)
  • calendar: properly set the start date range for yearly events (1e8127b)
  • core: Add cache for CDefaultsSize to avoid spamming SQL request (87e1240 81f2d88)
  • core: Fix calendar issues with Thunderbird related to vlist exclusion. Fix error log on photo. Closes #5885 (6b08f2e)
  • core: Fix user profile retrieval when using utf8mb4_bin collation - in this case the SQL results may return NSdata instead of NSString. Fixes #5902. (3cd9910)
  • hmtl: prevent html injection of tag form (7481ccf)
  • http: set correct Accept header when dowloading eml file (c569ed2)
  • mail: Clean temporary files when mail is sent (f35a37b d163405)
  • mail: Fix duplication of images when saving draft. Fixes #5888 (ee9899f 9c09485)
  • scripts: wrong type for c_value in script for complete unicode coverage (65374e4)
  • sogo-tool: add protection to expire-sessions if the input is not an integer (bb943e4)
  • translation: incorret value causing trouble to transifex (4b45dc7)


  • ar: Update Arabic translations (28d883d)
  • bg_BG: Update Bulgarian translations (3815bc1)
  • bs_BA: Update Bosnian translations (2afbcbe)
  • ca: Update Catalan translations (3040543)
  • cs: Update Czech translations (029a821)
  • cy: Update Welsh translations (06a6ed7)
  • da_DK: Update Danish translations (76911fd)
  • de: Update German translations (8a4bc2a)
  • es_AR: Update SpanishArgentina translations (527fded)
  • es_ES: Update SpanishSpain translations (057a1ba)
  • eu: Update Basque translations (33f3a1b)
  • fi: Update Finnish translations (dba2332)
  • gl: Change Galician name to Galego (6eae3f2)
  • gl: Update Galician translations (5aa7ebf)
  • he: Update Hebrew translations (694c21d)
  • hr_HR: Update Croatian translations (715d25d)
  • hu: Update Hungarian translations (0b22fa6)
  • id_ID: Update Indonesian translations (a16d29b)
  • is: Update Icelandic translations (2de6241)
  • it: Update Italian translations (53036b3)
  • ja: Update Japanese translations (41fb85e)
  • kk: Update Kazakh translations (2174195)
  • lt: Update Lithuanian translations (6e9e7f9)
  • lv: Update Latvian translations (a9ecaed)
  • mk_MK: Update Macedonian translations (d6c9ecd)
  • nb_NO: Update NorwegianBokmal translations (3d5f352)
  • nl: Update Dutch translations (402c3d0)
  • nn_NO: Update NorwegianNynorsk translations (6d270fe)
  • pl: Update Polish translations (c75f210)
  • pt_BR: Update BrazilianPortuguese translations (cfab856)
  • pt: Update Portuguese translations (e4f07c4)
  • ro_RO: Update Romanian translations (d9c716c)
  • ru: Update Russian translations (3809ec3)
  • sk: Update Slovak translations (cd7e06c)
  • sl_SI: Update Slovenian translations (ca21bf4)
  • sr_ME@latin: Update Montenegrin translations (fe7369e)
  • sr@latin: Update SerbianLatin translations (9126cae)
  • sr: Update Serbian translations (ed444fd)
  • sv: Update Swedish translations (10369aa)
  • tr_TR: Update TurkishTurkey translations (8d1fc1e)
  • uk: Update Ukrainian translations (0e50d37)
  • zh_CN: Update ChineseChina translations (cf87022)
  • zh_TW: Update ChineseTaiwan translations (fc2a82c)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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