SOGo v5.8.3 released
May 30, 2023

The Alinto team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.8.3. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.


  • calendar: Add week number on month view. Fixes #4457. (96639b7)
  • mail: Add autolink from ckeditor. Fixes #5749 (810cd12)
  • preferences: Add SOGoCreateIdentitiesDisabled domain option which disables identity creation for users in preferences (af6202b a14f9a7)

Bug Fixes

  • activesync: Wrong decoding emails in Outlook via EAS. Force utf-8 when contnet-type is different than html part. Original fix from tfu. Fixes #5664 (39ab482)
  • calendar: Fix Web Calendar (ics) subscription with authentication between SOGo instances not possible after upgrading from 5.7.0 to 5.8.2. Fixes #5753 (dd60e01)
  • calendar: Rework confirmation box when dismissing calendar event edition with background click, only if the event is in edition. Rework of #5585. Closes #5720. (4fc61a2 6ccd22b 46215ac)
  • core: Add . , : ; + = special characters in password policy (2f36fa5 a5d4715)
  • eas: Fix error 500 when SOGoCacheCleanup triggered cleanup with shibboleth 4.2.1. Fore refresh ticket in iFrame in this case (7b711ea 5500ce7)
  • js: Fix display of body message when ’to’ field is not filled in. Closes #5721 (6acb245)
  • js: Fix JavaScript error when send mail from Addressbook. Fixes #5750. (3b0fbdd)
  • mail: Fix images in attachements when replying to a mail. Fixes #5731 (dbd4e20)
  • mail: Fix invalid forward template when replying. Closes #5726 (d49ef40)
  • mail: Removed attachements of images when replying to a mail. As the image is inline, the attachement shall be removed. (0edd3f7)


  • ar: Update Arabic translations (2c0b59f)
  • base: Fix the meaning of ‘Disable auto reply on’ (861dea8)
  • bg_BG: Update Bulgarian translations (b6c7521)
  • bs_BA: Update Bosnian translations (76dcd4f)
  • ca: Update Catalan translations (87f778d)
  • cs: Update Czech translations (e5dc040)
  • cy: Update Welsh translations (5f47fc7)
  • da_DK: Update Danish translations (ad47aec)
  • de: Update German translations (973a0ef)
  • en: Fix the meaning of ‘Disable auto reply on’ (d43de46)
  • es_AR: Update SpanishArgentina translations (ccf4872)
  • es_ES: Update SpanishSpain translations (2b7552a)
  • eu: Update Basque translations (fb5fa0c)
  • fi: Update Finnish translations (33427ac)
  • fr: Update French translations (0f06c57 fd7bdd8 dc8c1c1)
  • he: Update Hebrew translations (b8c5d8f)
  • hr_HR: Update Croatian translations (b706d1b)
  • hu: Update Hungarian translations (a8f2a37)
  • id_ID: Update Indonesian translations (aa43c5b)
  • is: Update Icelandic translations (7f7f224)
  • it: Update Italian translations (97b69af)
  • ja: Update Japanese translations (8d842cc)
  • kk: Update Kazakh translations (f3bdda5 0fcf113 29bda6b d1ad970 b61bde9)
  • lt: Update Lithuanian translations (07a01e3)
  • lv: Update Latvian translations (56e040c)
  • mk_MK: Update Macedonian translations (d4a2d6b)
  • nb_NO: Update NorwegianBokmal translations (e8f507d)
  • nl: Update Dutch translations (42b9a03)
  • nn_NO: Update NorwegianNynorsk translations (3e93296)
  • pl: Update Polish translations (51817fc)
  • pt_BR: Update BrazilianPortuguese translations (818332e)
  • pt: Update Portuguese translations (6bb781b)
  • ro_RO: Update Romanian translations (7be8e64)
  • ru: Date specific Russian from and to translations (d1401e3)
  • ru: Update Russian translations (239016f)
  • sk: Update Slovak translations (1ea3f00)
  • sl_SI: Update Slovenian translations (17fca79)
  • sr_ME@latin: Update Montenegrin translations (d5bf149)
  • sr@latin: Update SerbianLatin translations (b1f6d20)
  • sr: Update Serbian translations (b4e315b)
  • sv: Update Swedish translations (af96d2b)
  • tr_TR: Update TurkishTurkey translations (d8a2146)
  • uk: Update Ukrainian translations (6655f06)
  • zh_CN: Update ChineseChina translations (0b4fddc)
  • zh_TW: Update ChineseTaiwan translations (0a2d702)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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