SOGo v5.8.2 released
March 28, 2023

The Alinto team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.8.2. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

This version is an addon of SOGo 5.8.1 with a major bug fix #5718.


  • Now available on Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish 22.04


  • alarms: Add possibility to use SMTP master account for system alarms. Fixes #5565. (53f9449 7faf4eb 8001e3f)
  • core: Add SOGoDisableSharing option to disable sharing for mail, contacts and calendar (435495f)
  • eas: Add SOGoEASDisableUI system parameter to remove EAS options in UI when ActiveSync is not used (04e15b5)
  • mail: Add punycode (RFC 3492) to encode domain with special characters (e12583e 0a9b3d6 39032ac 13178a1)
  • preferences: Improve TOTP - add validation code in preferences before saving to ensure user add qr code in totp application (0bd530a)

Bug Fixes

  • authentication: Reduce Cookie user key len to avoid exceeding 4096 bytes. Users in chrome <= 75 could not login due to cookie of 4099 bytes (842fa97)
  • calendar: Add confirmation box when dismissing calendar event edition with background click, only if the event is in edition. Fixes #5585 (65d4c5c bb4a88b 64d817a)
  • calendar: Fix duplicate event on Apple Calendar when creating a new reccurent event, inviting attendee and changing an occurence (f158402)
  • calendar: Fix inaccessibility to personal calendar on Mac OS X Ventura. Fixes #5639 (ef53f6c ba0d4a5 7e357f1 a5347c7 7d72fe1 8680536 a7f3daa 6ee8f76 03e6d00)
  • configure: Prevent pulling in unnecessary vars (b223fe0) (@dasJ)
  • core(js): Removed es6 ‘const’ for build issues with grunt (5d6b40c)
  • dav: Improve logging. Closes #4190 (1964ef0)
  • js: Change grunt-contrib-uglify from 5.0.0 to 5.2.2 (4d7a425)
  • mail: Fix images not displayed when forward / reply to a mail. Fixes #3981 (4dc8ef9 f5ed10b)
  • mail: Fix segfault when TNEF does not get any data. Fixes #4190 (02f8550)
  • mail: Store the Deleted flag in the correct (source) mailbox when moving mails across mailboxes (a556e74) (@jkanefendt)
  • packaging: Add MFA to Ubuntu Jammy (66c728c)
  • packaging: Add usr/share/doc/sogo/ for packaging. Fixes partially #5698 (7ea7572 114c98c)
  • packaging: Check if there are sh files in usr/share/doc/sogo before applying chmod. Fixes partially #5698 (0d2f6d8)
  • packaging: Specify compression format for dpkg-deb (63548a8 189144c 5049423)
  • security: Security fix for WSTG-INPV-02. Fix NSException where tried to modify NSDictionary. Closes #5651. (fe9ae12)
  • ui: Add error message on UI when too many mails are sent in short time. Fix fr translation. Fix documentation (7ad7f5e)
  • ui: Make the login page honor the color theme (607bc08), closes #5687 (@Alex Vogt)
  • calendar: Impossible to create a new event after creating a new one. Closes #5718 (f813b78c)


  • ar: Update Arabic translations (3714b14)
  • bg_BG: Update Bulgarian translations (982b1ec)
  • bs_BA: Update Bosnian translations (ddf5527)
  • ca: Update Catalan translations (485f40c)
  • cs: Update Czech translations (4f7e04d)
  • cy: Update Welsh translations (b2873bf)
  • da_DK: Update Danish translations (ecd1344)
  • de: Update German translations (a3c9044 2c6f522)
  • es_AR: Update SpanishArgentina translations (d6a63bd)
  • es_ES: Update SpanishSpain translations (43d925b)
  • eu: Update Basque translations (9192f2b)
  • fi: Update Finnish translations (7b66aa9)
  • he: Update Hebrew translations (38ebd5a)
  • hr_HR: Update Croatian translations (e16f5fa)
  • hu: Update Hungarian translations (cdbe91d)
  • id_ID: Update Indonesian translations (12c32ef)
  • is: Update Icelandic translations (7cbef4b)
  • it: Update Italian translations (561ab7e)
  • ja: Update Japanese translations (44ea7a6)
  • kk: Update Kazakh translations (d860a3c)
  • lt: Update Lithuanian translations (dd0d9bd)
  • lv: Update Latvian translations (b9eacdb)
  • mk_MK: Update Macedonian translations (deef331)
  • nb_NO: Update Norwegian BokmÃ¥l translations (e4534c0)
  • nl: Update Dutch translations (6c816cb)
  • nn_NO: Update NorwegianNynorsk translations (7d60dbb)
  • pl: Update Polish translations (62edb09)
  • pt_BR: Update Portuguese (Brazil) translations (2878483 d2a5fd0)
  • ro_RO: Update Romanian translations (0d21123)
  • ru: Update Russian translations (ac8aeec)
  • sk: Update Slovak translations (d185815)
  • sl_SI: Update Slovenian translations (5a67603)
  • sr_ME@latin: Update Montenegrin translations (f66992c)
  • sr: Update Serbian translations (1489b7d)
  • sv: Update Swedish translations (a0d047a)
  • tr_TR: Update TurkishTurkey translations (f87a855)
  • uk: Update Ukrainian translations (90b174b)
  • zh_CN: Update ChineseChina translations (1344f2a)
  • zh_TW: Update ChineseTaiwan translations (245ede9)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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