SOGo v5.7.0 released
June 10, 2022

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.7.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

New Features

  • addressbook(web): import vList from versit file (51dc929)
  • preferences: password constraints for SQL sources (2ef849c)

Bug Fixes

  • admininistration(js): improve handling of unauthorized access (1328a25)
  • administration(js): add rgba colors to theme preview (cddd016)
  • administration(js): fix toast when saving ACLs (1e9ae31)
  • administration: add theme preview (3321745)
  • calendar: disable wrapping of labels in mail templates (bd40b95)
  • calendar: filter by matching property values (5452cd7)
  • core: don’t auto-remove a subscription if any source is in error (373ac51)
  • mail(js): fix url for protocol Handler registration (09ac2df), closes #5513
  • mail(js): refresh of parent window when saving draft/template (715cf71)
  • mail(js): transition to a message using the router (412d73b)
  • mail: add default label & color for $forwarded flag (580a73c), closes #5534
  • mail: remove unused directive in mail editor (a40d3b6)
  • preferences(js): prohibit deleting the last editable mail identity (9337915)
  • preferences: keep mail identities when none is provided when saving (36303be)



  • bg_BG: update Bulgarian translation (1684c23)
  • de: update German translation (825d341)
  • hu: update Hungarian translation (b272e2d)
  • it: update Italian translation (fa39e2a)
  • ja: fix mail reply and forward templates (ab5f5ab)
  • nl: update Dutch translation (5b96075)
  • ru: update Russian translation (2ae6b46)
  • tr_TR: update README file with new Turkish translation contributor (2df931b)
  • tr_TR: update Turkish (Turkey) translation (3aea397)
  • tr_TR: update Turkish (Turkey) translation (dec49c2)
  • uk: update Ukrainian translation (515d030)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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