SOGo v5.5.1 released
February 4, 2022

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.5.1. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

Bug Fixes

  • addressbook(dav): return all value of all properties (940394d), closes #5462
  • addressbook: close DB connection after DAV query (348a79c)
  • calendar(dav): add DAV:status to DAV:response only when deleted (b061046), closes #5163
  • calendar: display start & end dates in mail notifications (663915b)
  • calendar: handle DST change for all-day events (0c5a269)
  • calendar: send notification on move and copy operations (aca7fc5), closes #3792
  • calendar: swap dates when event start date is after end date (5575a4c)
  • core: fix compilation in NSData+SMIME.m (e3b71bc)
  • core: only escape “%” with the SQL LIKE operator (7c81e3a)
  • core: remove trailing closing angle bracket from detected URLs (969d68d), closes #5465
  • dav: render DAV exceptions as XML (96bb8b4, 2e58ddf)
  • mail(js): remove WebSpellChecker Dialog plugin from CKEditor (54d3f33)
  • mail(js): restore threads state upon initialization (8dda30e)
  • mail: don’t allow XML inline attachments (ca9d2d1)
  • mail: improve parsing of S/MIME certificate (3eec819), closes #5215
  • mail: improve parsing of S/MIME certificate (c12dd56), closes #5215
  • mail: improve reply and forward templates (929c6b1), closes #5415
  • mail: S/MIME improvements (54b163d), closes #4891 #5450
  • mail: use body as first part when msg has no parts (4f255ac), closes #5472
  • preferences(js): fix validation of enabled days for vacation (d65b5a8), closes #5469
  • web: add missing image for desktop notifications (f5f1594), closes #5474


  • bg: update Bulgarian translation (1b31e4b)
  • de: update German translation (f4d875e)
  • fr: update French translation (76f04e0)
  • pl: update Polish translation (2220e51)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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