SOGo v5.5.0 released
January 18, 2022

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.5.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

New Features

  • eas: implement replyTo element (f8b4187)

Bug Fixes

  • addressbook: handle LDIF file with headers when importing contacts (fad52dd)
  • addressbook: remove debugging output (06bf914)
  • addressbook: respect visible domains when fetching contact (368360b), closes #4896
  • calendar: ensure alarms have a DESCRIPTION property (b817048)
  • core: avoid SQL aggregate function when testing table existence (66bac18)
  • core: fix compilation warning in SOGoCacheGCSObject (c75ac6c)
  • core: remove trailing closing angle bracket from detected URLs (b967eac), closes #5465
  • eas: handle module constraints (39e1ef5, 73edd45, cf34182), closes #5456
  • mail(css): highligh flagged/starred messages (7a776cd, 10c69ae)
  • mail(css): restrict the viewport of the message body viewer (9d7c6a2)
  • mail(html): remove “rel” attribute from sanitized HTML mails (3c26e04)
  • mail(js): remove double quotes prior checking attributes values (68608c4)
  • mail(js): save “mark as read” delay when changing mode (edcf03e)
  • mail(js): update unseen count when it’s zero (9eba2f1)
  • mail: handle case where the msg is of content type application (81c1997)
  • mail: handle empty “Mail.Note” in ms-tnef body part (b0c5adf), closes #5388
  • mail: improve handling of QRESYNC responses (2c6cd53)
  • mail: limit number of headers in getChangesAction response (cabba35)
  • mail: make sure QRESYNC is enabled in getChangesAction (1ab21b0)
  • mail: support very large HIGHESTMODSEQ values (ecc1dee)
  • mail: use .eml extension for message/global body parts (179992c)


  • bg: update Bulgarian translation (7c01633)
  • bs_BA: add Bosnian translation (07b4ad6)
  • bs_BA: update Bosnian translation (91e1aec)
  • pt_BR: update Brazilian Portuguese translation (2a25cfb)
  • ru: update Russian translation (a7c9916)
  • sr_SR: update Montenegrin translation (29d7fe4)
  • uk: update Ukrainian translation (9eb38a1)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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