SOGo v5.4.0 released
December 16, 2021

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.4.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

New Features

  • mail: delay or disable automatic mark message as read (4eed98d), closes #1585
  • mail: enable autoreply on specific days or at a specific time (2ecd441), closes #5328

Bug Fixes

  • addressbook(js): custom field creation (fc121ac)
  • calendar(js): improve bi-weekly event description (c17165d), closes #5261
  • calendar: update email alarm of yearly events (9c025f6), closes #4991
  • core: avoid exception when the user’s cn is null (153c1ee)
  • login(js): input focus on TOTP field (56a6f24)
  • mail(html): ban “javascript:” prefix in href, action and formaction (8afc80d)
  • mail(js): create new object instances in popup from parent’s data (a98b46a)
  • mail(js): don’t allow to rename special mailboxes (c3c9432)
  • mail(js): don’t load mailboxes list from popup editor (cb6b729)
  • mail(js): don’t poll server from popup windows (8724f90, 11eb6c2)
  • mail(js): expose all account identities in popup window (78855be), closes #5442
  • mail(js): ignore return key in input fields of editor (1786ec4), closes #4666
  • mail(js): open one distinct popup for each action (addf3c1), closes #5431
  • mail(js): resolve draft mailbox from popup window (25c69aa), closes #5442
  • mail(js): save draft after having removed an attachment (6ef99a5), closes #5432
  • mail(js): update unseen count when it’s zero (635b8c6)
  • mail(web): display emails extracted from smime certificate (93dff69), closes #5440
  • mail: allow to directly empty junk folder (f9ed639), closes #5224
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (e85576c), closes #5407
  • mail: delete msgs once moved to an external account (e0df548)
  • mail: don’t lowercase href/action/formaction attribute value (c4bb0de), closes #5434
  • mail: only apply IMAP host constraint when SSO is enabled (8cb5ef3), closes #5433
  • mail: show comment attribute of iTIP replies (ff1eeca), closes #5410
  • mail: sign and send only if smime certificate matches sender address (4ad2105), closes #5407
  • preferences(css): align timepicker inside input container (2014589)
  • preferences(js): don’t alter the list of default email addresses (bdfe1be), closes #5443
  • preferences(js): improve initialization of dates/times constraints (46971d4), closes #5443
  • preferences(js): set default auto mark as read delay to 5 (cb4d555), closes #5443
  • preferences: add plus sign to timezone in Sieve script (f191231, 2daeab3), closes #5448
  • web(js): position notifications to the bottom right (e064e9a), closes #5127 #5423
  • web: add missing tooltips for expand/reduce buttons (1febace)


See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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