SOGo v5.3.0 released
November 18, 2021

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.3.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.


Bug Fixes

  • addressbook(js): load selected cards prior to display mail editor (c6d6dc3)
  • addressbook(js): sanitize fullname when using HTML (0b0c884, ffed88c), closes #5400
  • addressbook: fix compilation warnings in UIxContactFoldersView.m (9f38201)
  • addressbook: generate UID when importing cards if missing (7b5cddc), closes #5386
  • addressbook: properly handle unknown properties in DAV report (4884cb3)
  • addressbook: reuse LDAP connection in CardDAV report (3da633a), closes #5355
  • addressbook: use pool to lower memory usage (a073241, dec4f24)
  • calendar: fix weekly calculator when event has no duration (e79b01e)
  • calendar: generate missing UID when importing calendar (e43a721)
  • calendar: send modification notifications for tasks (4c679f1, 1ccfa86)
  • calendar: truncate long UIDs to avoid SQL insert error (8cec92e)
  • core: don’t log error when deleting an invalid key in memcached (0716656)
  • core: handle null values in modules constraints of SQL sources (f0368d0)
  • doc: add theme for asciidoctor-pdf (f6a50bb)
  • eas: handle attachments of type message/rfc822 when sanitize emails (fixes #5427) (33b2406)
  • eas: proxy authentication in _sendMail (f70d600)
  • eas: use base64 encoding for attachments when sanitize emails + content-length (bfcb0b9), closes #5408
  • i18n(sr_RS: fix HTML templates (fb22c0a), closes #5339
  • mail(css): add bold font to mailboxes with positive unseen count (270bc2e), closes #4277
  • mail(css): improve CSS sanitization of at-rules (e714a3f), closes #5387
  • mail(dav): add support for property {DAV:}getcontentlength (9c2b3bd)
  • mail(dav): fix mail-query response (4df5e4b)
  • mail(dav): restore support for filtering by sent-date (563f1d2)
  • mail(html): ban “javascript:” prefix in href, action and formaction (e99090b)
  • mail(js): allow to add any event invitation (56f9e3e)
  • mail(js): ban all “on*” events attributes from HTML tags (a5c315f)
  • mail(js): fix height of mailboxes list items (145f221)
  • mail(js): force search when restoring mailbox during navigation (0eb452c)
  • mail(js): reload UIDs when changing sort order (2a8d64d), closes #5385
  • mail(js): reset mailboxes state when leaving global search (642db85)
  • mail(js): reset messages list after emptying trash (9622a1e), closes #5421
  • mail(js): show “Download all attachments” menu option (86f08a2)
  • mail(js): update list of labels when adding one to a message (37d06c6)
  • mail(js): update unseen count when reaching zero (2d25e18), closes #5381
  • mail(js): use message subject as filename of .eml (792d96b)
  • mail(web): improve identification of mailboxes (7c7df9b)
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (ab67e7d), closes #5407
  • mail: check if smime certificate matches sender address (6eb5e97), closes #5407
  • mail: decode ms-tnef (winmail.dat) inside message/rfc822 part (d181cc4), closes #5388
  • mail: don’t encode calendar mime part twice (2c62aaf), closes #5391 #5393
  • mail: don’t open XML attachments in browser (d54dca9)
  • mail: encode text MIME parts in quoted-printable (9e364c6), closes #5378
  • mail: encode text MIME parts in quoted-printable (6cf3d99), closes #5376
  • mail: fix end date of all-day event in mail notifications (ef5820b), closes #5384
  • mail: new action to fetch the flags of a mailbox (175e380)
  • mail: properly sort partial fetch results (modseq) (534bea6), closes #5385
  • mail: replace STATUS by LIST command when copying/moving msgs (0765c72), closes #4983
  • mail: split “l” and “r” ACL attributes for IMAP mailboxes (08581ee), closes #4983
  • mail: use pool to lower memory usage (cae51dc)
  • preferences(js): review order of mail filter actions (138ee06), closes #5325
  • web(css): print more than one page in Firefox (ea6b699), closes #5375
  • web(js): reset cached users when closing subscription dialog (38b95af)
  • web: contextualize title in subscription dialog (8f99965)
  • web: use a distinct salt for TOTP authentication (d751ad9, d4da1fa)


  • calendar(web): initiate Web calendars reload from the frontend (f017c42), closes #4939
  • tests: conversion of Python integration tests to JavaScript (1a7ba3d)


  • bg_BG: update Bulgarian translation (f669b76)
  • cs: update Czech translation (f10e13b)
  • de: update German translation (5e7c9a8), closes #5417
  • de: update German translation (a33cf3c)
  • pl: update Polish translation (b2b1237)
  • pt_BR: update Brazilian Portuguese translation (7072319)
  • ru: update Russian translation (710fd2f)
  • uk: update Ukrainian translation (e77d228)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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