SOGo v5.2.0 released
August 18, 2021

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.2.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.


  • mail: download message as .eml file (ef5e777)
  • mail: initial support for ms-tnef (winmail.dat) body part (045f134), closes #2242 #4503
  • mail: new parameter to disable S/MIME certificates (545cfe5)

Bug Fixes

  • calendar(dav): add method attribute to content-type of iTIP reply (e08be0d), closes #5320
  • calendar(web): search in all user’s calendars for iMIP reply (0aabd45)
  • core: improve logged error when module is invalid (aa59aa9)
  • core: properly validate domain using “domains” keys (a370aa7)
  • core: remove CR, diacritical marks, variation selectors (90752c4)
  • css: improve display of category colors (Calendar & Mail) (322226b), closes #5337
  • login(js): fix domain in redirect URL (7e63452)
  • mail: add support for messages quota (a1273f1), closes #5365
  • mail: don’t render SVG attachments (40b570c), closes #5371
  • mail: fix end date of all-day event in mail notifications (694ffa7), closes #4145
  • mail: improve performance of listing all mailboxes (54548c5)
  • mail: remove media event handlers from HTML messages (69972f7), closes #5369
  • mail: return unseen count of mailbox in msgs operations (a352256)
  • mail(css): always show tag dots in messages list (d13e153)
  • mail(html): format links in comment of Calendar invitations (2771fe1)
  • mail(js): avoid using the DOM when sanitizing incoming html (8947f29), closes #5369
  • mail(js): force reload of UIDs when cancelling search (b969ca4)
  • mail(js): hide sign and encrypt options if not usable (eb46415)
  • mail(js): respect thread level while loading headers (2d16456)
  • mail(js): update visible msgs list when adding new msgs (0599922)
  • mail(web): don’t try to fetch headers if mailbox is empty (9cf67d0)
  • preferences(js): don’t save locale definition (e140bd0)
  • saml: add XSRF-TOKEN cookie in valid SAML login (5f6cacc)
  • web(js): get filename from content-disposition header (7d07dda)


  • bg: add Bulgarian translation (ebf2a80, eb18249)
  • de: update German translation (8bdae88)
  • fr: update French translation (1246469)
  • pl: update Polish translation (6b6b733)
  • sr_SR: add Montenegrin translation (3cc29b4)
  • sr_SR: use sr_ME instead of cnr for Montenegrin locale (36100b0)


  • doc: replace xsltproc/fop by asciidoctor-pdf (1345022)
  • mail: replace “Google Authenticator” with more general vocabulary (9ae9fa0), closes #5294
  • mail(js): delay instantiation of Message objects on load (bc58bd1)
  • mail(js): improvements for md-virtual-repeat (d285411)
  • mail(js): various optimizations (a9c6f09)
  • web: replace SOGoGoogleAuthenticatorEnabled with (20b2fd5), closes #5294

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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