SOGo v5.1.1 released
June 1, 2021

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.1.1. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

Bug Fixes

  • addressbook: import contact lists from LDIF file (e1d8d70), closes #3260
  • calendar(css): enlarge categories color stripes (bd80b6e), closes #5301
  • calendar(css): enlarge categories color stripes (e5d9571), closes #5301
  • calendar(js): fix URL for snoozing alarms (d4a0b25), closes #5324
  • calendar(js): show conflict error inside appointment editor (fec299f)
  • core: avoid appending an empty domain to uid in cache (debcbd1)
  • core: change password in user’s matching source only (da36608)
  • core: decompose LDAP nested groups, cache logins (a83b0d8)
  • core: don’t bind a DN to LDAP sources with a different search base (e0b6e22)
  • css: adjust colors of center lists of views (045879a), closes #5291
  • mail: handle folders that end with a question mark (657f00f), closes #5303
  • mail: retrieve IMAP delimiter after LIST command (189aab3)
  • mail: use default signature when forcing default identity (dc81f70)
  • mail(css): improve HTML sanitization of background attribute (72321ec)
  • mail(html): add missing ARIA labels (66afbd2)
  • mail(js): add CKEditor plugin pastefromgdocs (517b888), closes #5316
  • mail(js): add debouncing on keyup events of sgAutogrow (d303247)
  • mail(js): add tooltip with email of attendees in invitation (af61752)
  • mail(js): avoid updating the DOM before closing editor (bed91ce)
  • mail(js): don’t delay the progress indicator when loading mailbox (049c17f), closes #5278
  • mail(js): unselect all messages when changing mailbox (bfbf43b), closes #4970 #5148
  • saml: don’t ignore the signature of messages (e536365)
  • saml: fix profile initialization, improve error handling (1d88d36), closes #5153 #5270
  • web: allow to change expired password from login page (bdd8e35)
  • web: allow to change expired password from login page (8e98af0)
  • web: restore support of ppolicy OpenLDAP overlay (0c1f9fd)
  • web(js): don’t cache users results in ACL editor (4501b5e)


  • fr: update French translation (7bebc71)
  • sk: update Slovak translation (376c473)


  • core: cache the schema of LDAP user sources (d0056d3)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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