SOGo v5.0.0 released
August 10, 2020

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v5.0.0. This is a major release of SOGo which focuses on new features, various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

Version 5 of SOGo brings many great features such as two-factor authentication to secure your account (sponsored by Gandi), mail identities to easily switch between your signatures, desktop notifications for new messages, events and tasks alarms (sponsored by Servercow), SSL/TLS support for SMTP, and packages for RHEL/CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Bug Fixes

  • acl(js): toggle rights from the ACL editor (825fb85)
  • addressbook: handle vCard with multiple title values (3d25b8b 96c22b6)
  • addressbook(js): show copy option when source is remote (72b5db4)
  • calendar: ensure valid identity when sending invitations (c2d9377)
  • calendar: return SOGoUser instances when expanding LDAP groups (b8595d7), closes #5043
  • calendar: uncondtionally adjust all-day events dates (5e1a592), closes #5045
  • calendar(css): decrease height of calendars entries in lists (7eac9c3)
  • calendar(js): avoid exception when adding invalid email as attendee (4ff0791)
  • calendar(js): don’t handle attendees for tasks (ff3e83f)
  • calendar(js): fix event blocks width in day view (272fa8f), closes #5017
  • calendar(js): improve attendees editor when adding new attendees (3d3b17a), closes #5049
  • calendar(js): improve debugging in Component factory (8933fae)
  • calendar(js): remove unused injected module in PrintController (5087582)
  • calendar(js): show categories colors in task editor (743cca2), closes #5116
  • calendar(js): show freebusy timeline with external-only attendees (a5ba99c)
  • calendar(js): show real selected list in print preview (7379776)
  • common(js): initialize search field with pre-selected option (1432600), closes #5044
  • core: added back instance caching for LDAP members (b94175c)
  • core: added even better debugging for bogus groups (9f55cdc)
  • core: adjust syntax for Python > 2 (798ad15)
  • core: allow non top-level special folders and improved the doc around this (1146038)
  • core: always set the charset when sending IMIP replies (6ec002f)
  • core: avoid caching group members per instance (0ff0d43)
  • core: avoid fetching quick records for non-existant users (2be7bab)
  • core: avoid pooling channels with tools (fixes #4684) (cecf157)
  • core: disable ASM version of blowfish on i386 (e37ae5f)
  • core: don’t synchronize defaults if no mail identity is created (e6e994b), closes #5070
  • core: fix compilation of pkcs5_pbkdf2.c (d39208e)
  • core: fixed linked and packaging for zip->libzip work (0e95de3)
  • core: improve debbuging when dealing with groups (5b6096e)
  • core: improve debugging on invalid group sources (105ca88)
  • core: improve error log when parsing PKCS12 certificate (6e0e678)
  • core: improved debugging on bogus groups (42587f7)
  • core: initial compat work on libzip (3c4b1af)
  • core: never use zip_error_init_with_code (f6a4dfc)
  • core: no need to call zip_discard, it’s handled in zip_close (1389dcf)
  • core: NSData+String: Dont mix tabs and spaces (562f81f)
  • core: NSData+String: Simplify generateSalt function (c3a4f4a)
  • core: require current password on password change (#285) (2300fe8), closes #4140
  • core: second pass at libzip compat (67f5e5e)
  • eas: avoid doing bogus truncation (9698628)
  • eas: gcc v10 compat fixes (fixes #5029) (e469f52)
  • eas: handle noselect special folders in Dovecot (39255b1)
  • mail: add all unknown recipients to an address book (d29c2b2)
  • mail: change default search scope to “subject or from” (#287) (8642ff9)
  • mail: pick proper “from” address when replying/forwarding (c99170b), closes #5056
  • mail: use double-quotes for attributes when re-encoding HTML (b7f0ee7)
  • mail: use unique names for attachments (9c391b8), closes #5086
  • mail(css): add explicit expanded/collapsed mailbox status (2545caf)
  • mail(css): respect white spaces in plaintext messages (f6ce265), closes #5069
  • mail(css): yellow flags for more visibility (94efa4d)
  • mail(js): encode HTML entities when computing height of textarea (964e6f0), closes #5020
  • mail(js): fix message(s) deletion when overquota (35ebb7a)
  • mail(js): pick proper “from” address when replying/forwarding (f7e7612 8f3738b), closes #5072
  • mail(js): respect signature placement when switching identity (0899352)
  • mail(js): use initial number of rows of textarea with sgAutogrow (200c353)
  • packaging: control files adjustments for old distro wrt libzip (3b46281)
  • packaging: don’t enable mfa on squeeze (e9cc088)
  • packaging: enable mfa on focal (a102a94)
  • packaging: fixed condition syntax (d797987)
  • packaging: fixed typo (b4b9e62)
  • packaging: fixes for centos/rhel v8 support (7ef507b)
  • packaging: more control file fixes (5366522)
  • packaging: Ubuntu Focal changes (7a66818 bf4c083)
  • packaging: Xenial control files fixes (1a7fa0b)
  • preferences: accept an “id” key for mail accounts (528b758), closes #5091
  • preferences: improve handling of forward addresses (7494bb3), closes #5053
  • preferences(html): add placeholders to forward addresses field (1712a7e), closes #5053
  • preferences(html): improve placeholders (2730a91)
  • preferences(js): automatically expand newly created mail account (f1ff8bf)
  • preferences(js): conditionally sanitize forward addresses (b78e66a), closes #5085
  • preferences(js): handle cancellation of IMAP account edition (ee904ac)
  • preferences(js): honor SOGoForwardConstraints in Sieve filters (5bb8161 85a6d8e)
  • preferences(js): initialize Forward defaults (f60a30c)
  • preferences(js): set account id before importing certificate (566fe55), closes #5084
  • preferences(js): show error when passwords don’t match (0e7ce31)
  • test: fix for failing test in NSString+Utilities (fc863bf)
  • web: add icon to expandable list items (0e5e88a)
  • web: consistency in icon of expandable list items (1c99c2c)
  • web: restore menu separators in sidenav of Calendars & Mailer (6e2d652)
  • web(css): improve mailbox expand button in sidenav (37d3cb7)
  • web(js): handle SAML assertion expiration (6af5541 8692e64 433da56 3ef94da)
  • web(js): remove calls to deprecated functions in ng-material (1cb9a83 cd95649)


  • ca: update Catalan translation (497594d)
  • de: update German translation (d26bc18)
  • pl: update Polish translation (b5f9861)
  • preferences: rename “Current Time Zone” to “Time Zone” (443a41b)


  • mail(js): replace ckEditor directive by sgCkeditor component (07c06db)
  • preferences: replace comma-separated list of addresses by md-chips (7e21c6c 4292a45 8b1b938), closes #5048

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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