SOGo v4.1.0 released
October 24, 2019

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v4.1.0. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous version

New features

  • [core] Debian 10 (Buster) support for x86_64 (#4775)
  • [core] now possible to specify which domains you can forward your mails to
  • [core] added support for S/MIME opaque signing (#4582)
  • [web] optionally expand LDAP groups in attendees editor (#2506)


  • [web] avoid saving an empty calendar name
  • [web] prohibit duplicate contact categories in Preferences module
  • [web] improve constrat of text in toolbar with input fields
  • [web] improve labels of auto-reply date settings (#4791)
  • [web] updated Angular Material to version 1.1.20
  • [web] updated CKEditor to version 4.13.0
  • [core] now dynamically detect and use the IMAP separator (#1490)
  • [core] default Sieve port is now 4190 (#4826)
  • [core] updated timezones to version 2019c

Bug fixes

  • [web] properly handle Windows-1256 charset (#4781)
  • [web] fixed saving value of receipt action for main IMAP account
  • [web] fixed search results in Calendar module when targeting all events
  • [web] properly encode URL of cards from exteral sources
  • [web] restore cards selection after automatic refresh (#4809)
  • [web] don’t mark draft as deleted when SOGoMailKeepDraftsAfterSend is enabled (#4830)
  • [web] allow single-day vacation auto-reply (#4698)
  • [web] allow import to calendar subscriptions with creation rights
  • [web] handle DST change in Date.daysUpTo (#4842)
  • [web] improved handling of start/end times (#4497, #4845)
  • [web] improved handling of vacation auto-reply activation dates (#4844)
  • [web] added missing contact fields for sorting LDAP sources (#4799)
  • [core] honor IMAPLoginFieldName also when setting IMAP ACLs
  • [core] honor groups when setting IMAP ACLs
  • [core] honor “any authenticated user” when setting IMAP ACLs
  • [core] avoid exceptions for RRULE with no DTSTART
  • [core] make sure we handle events occurring after RRULE’s UNTIL date
  • [core] avoid changing RRULE’s UNTIL date for no reason
  • [core] fixed handling of SENT-BY addresses (#4583)
  • [eas] improve FolderSync operation (#4672)
  • [eas] avoid incorrect truncation leading to exception (#4806)

With this release, Inverse also announces the immediate availability of version 68.0.0 of the SOGo Connector extension for Mozilla Thunderbird v68. Please note that SOGo Integrator has been merged into SOGo Connector in v68 so it is no longer required. You have to customize the SOGo Connector extension like you did customize the SOGo Integrator in the past.

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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