SOGo v4.0.0 released
March 7, 2018

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v4.0.0. This is a major release of SOGo which focuses on new features, various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous version

New features

  • [core] full S/MIME support
  • [core] can now invite attendees to exceptions only (#2561)
  • [core] add support for module constraints in SQL sources
  • [core] add support for listRequiresDot in SQL sources
  • [web] add support for SearchFieldNames in SQL sources
  • [web] display freebusy information of owner in appointment editor
  • [web] register SOGo as a handler for the mailto scheme (#1223)
  • [web] new events list view where events are grouped by day
  • [web] user setting to always show mail editor inside current window or in popup window
  • [web] add support for events with recurrence dates (RDATE)


  • [web] follow requested URL after user authentication
  • [web] added Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation - thanks to Thomas Kuiper
  • [web] now also give modify permission when selecting all calendar rights
  • [web] allow edition of IMAP flags associated to mail labels
  • [web] search scope of address book is now respected
  • [web] avoid redirection to forbidden module (via ModulesConstraints)
  • [web] lower constraints on dates range of auto-reply message (#4161)
  • [web] sort categories in event and task editors (#4349)
  • [web] show weekday in headers of day view
  • [web] improve display of overlapping events with categories
  • [web] updated Angular Material to version 1.1.6

Bug fixes

  • [core] yearly repeating events are not shown in web calendar (#4237)
  • [core] increased column size of settings/defaults for MySQL (#4260)
  • [core] fixed yearly recurrence calculator with until date
  • [core] generalized HTML sanitization to avoid encoding issues when replying/forwarding mails
  • [core] don’t expose web calendars to other users (#4331)
  • [web] fixed display of error when the mail editor is in a popup
  • [web] attachments are not displayed on IOS (#4150)
  • [web] fixed parsing of pasted email addresses from Spreadsheet (#4258)
  • [web] messages list not accessible when changing mailbox in expanded mail view (#4269)
  • [web] only one postal address of same type is saved (#4091)
  • [web] improve handling of email notifications of a calendar properties
  • [web] fixed XSRF cookie path when changing password (#4139)
  • [web] spaces can now be inserted in address book names
  • [web] prevent the creation of empty contact categories
  • [web] fixed mail composition from message headers (#4335)
  • [web] restore messages selection after automatic refresh (#4330)
  • [web] fixed path of destination mailbox in Sieve filter editor
  • [web] force copy of dragged contacts from global address books
  • [web] removed null characters from JSON responses
  • [web] fixed advanced mailbox search when mailbox name is very long
  • [web] fixed handling of public access rights of Calendars (#4344)
  • [web] fixed server-side CSS sanitization of messages (#4366)
  • [web] cards list not accessible when changing address book in expanded card view
  • [web] added missing subject to junk/not junk reports
  • [web] fixed file uploader URL in mail editor
  • [web] fixed decoding of spaces in URL-encoded parameters (+)
  • [web] fixed scrolling of message with Firefox (#4008, #4282, #4398)
  • [web] save original username in cookie when remembering login (#4363)
  • [web] allow to set a reminder on a task with a due date
  • [eas] hebrew folders encoding problem using EAS (#4240)
  • [eas] avoid sync requests for shared folders every second (#4275)
  • [eas] we skip the organizer from the attendees list (#4402)
  • [eas] correctly handle all-day events with EAS v16 (#4397)
  • [eas] fixed EAS save in drafts with attachments

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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