SOGo v3.2.9 released
May 9, 2017

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v3.2.9. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on various enhancements and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous version

New features

  • [core] email alarms now have pretty formatting (#805)


  • [core] improved event invitation for all day events (#4145)
  • [web] improved interface refresh time with external IMAP accounts
  • [eas] added photo support for GAL search operations

Bug fixes

  • [web] fixed attachment path when inside multiple body parts
  • [web] fixed email reminder with attendees (#4115)
  • [web] prevented form to be marked dirty when changing password (#4138)
  • [web] restored support for SOGoLDAPContactInfoAttribute
  • [web] avoid duplicated email addresses in LDAP-based addressbook (#4129)
  • [web] fixed mail delegation of pristine user accounts (#4160)
  • [core] cherry-picked comma escaping fix from v2 (#3296)
  • [core] fix sogo-tool restore potentially crashing on corrupted data (#4048)
  • [core] handle properly mails using windows-1255 charset (#4124)
  • [core] fixed email reminders sent multiple times (#4100)
  • [core] fixed LDIF to vCard conversion for non-handled multi-value attributes (#4086)
  • [core] properly honor the "include in freebusy" setting (#3354)
  • [core] make sure to use crypt scheme when encoding md5/sha256/sha512 (#4137)
  • [eas] set reply/forwarded flags when ReplaceMime is set (#4133)
  • [eas] remove alarms over EAS if we don’t want them (#4059)
  • [eas] correctly set RSVP on event invitations
  • [eas] avoid sending IMIP request/update messages for all EAS clients (#4022)

See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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