SOGo v3.1.0 released
May 18, 2016

The Inverse team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo v3.1.0. This is a major release of SOGo which focuses on important new features and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous version

New features

  • [core] new database structure options to make SOGo use a total of nine tables
  • [core] new user-based rate-limiting support for all SOGo requests (#3188)
  • [web] toolbar of all-day events can be expanded to display all events
  • [web] added AngularJS’s XSRF support (#3246)
  • [web] calendars list can be reordered and filtered
  • [web] user can limit the calendars view to specific week days (#1841)


  • [web] updated Angular Material to version 1.1.0rc4
  • [web] added Lithuanian (lt) translation - thanks to Mantas Liobė
  • [web] added Turkish (Turkey) (tr_TR) translation - thanks to Sinan Kurşunoğlu
  • [web] we now "cc" delegates during invitation updates (#3195)
  • [web] new SOGoHelpURL preference to set a custom URL for SOGo help (#2768)
  • [web] now able to copy/move events and also duplicate them (#3196)
  • [web] improved preferences validation and now check for unsaved changes
  • [web] display events and tasks priorities in list and day/week views (#3162)
  • [web] style events depending on the user participation state
  • [web] style transparent events (show time as free) (#3192)
  • [web] improved input parsing of time picker (#3659)
  • [web] restored support for Web calendars that require authentication

Bug fixes

  • [core] properly escape wide characters (#3616)
  • [core] avoid double-appending domains in cache for multi-domain configurations (#3614)
  • [core] fixed multi-domain issue with non-unique ID across domains (#3625)
  • [core] fixed bogus headers generation when stripping folded bcc header (#3664)
  • [core] fixed issue with multi-value org units (#3630)
  • [core] sanity checks for events with bogus timezone offsets
  • [web] fixed missing columns in SELECT statements (PostgreSQL)
  • [web] fixed display of ghosts when dragging events
  • [web] fixed management of mail labels in Preferences module
  • [web] respect super user privileges to create in any calendar and addressbook (#3533)
  • [web] properly null-terminate IS8601-formatted dates (#3539)
  • [web] display CC/BCC fields in message editor when initialized with values
  • [web] fixed message initialization in popup window (#3583)
  • [web] create chip (recipient) on blur (#3470)
  • [web] fixed position of warning when JavaScript is disabled (#3449)
  • [web] respect the LDAP attributes mapping in the list view
  • [web] handle empty body data when forwarding mails (#3581)
  • [web] show repeating events when we ask for "All" or "Future" events (#69)
  • [web] show the To instead of From when we are in the Sent folder (#3547)
  • [web] fixed handling of mail tags in mail viewer
  • [web] avoid marking mails as read when archiving a folder (#2792)
  • [web] fixed crash when sending a message with a special priority
  • [web] fixed saving of a custom weekly recurrence definition
  • [web] properly escape the user’s display name (#3617)
  • [web] avoid returning search results on objects without read permissions (#3619)
  • [web] restore priority of event or task in component editor
  • [web] fixed menu content visibility when printing an email (#3584)
  • [web] retired CSS reset so the style of HTML messages is respected (#3582)
  • [web] fixed messages archiving as zip file
  • [web] adapted time picker to match changes of md calendar picker
  • [web] fixed sender addresses of draft when using multiple IMAP accounts (#3577)
  • [web] create a new message when clicking on a "mailto" link (#3588)
  • [web] fixed handling of Web calendars option "reload on login"
  • [web] add recipient chip when leaving an input field (to/cc/bcc) (#3470)
  • [dav] we now handle the default classifications for tasks (#3541)
  • [eas] properly unfold long mail headers (#3152)
  • [eas] correctly set EAS message class for S/MIME messages (#3576)
  • [eas] handle FilterType changes using EAS (#3543)
  • [eas] handle Dovecot’s mail_shared_explicit_inbox parameter
  • [eas] prevent concurrent Sync ops from same device (#3603)
  • [eas] handle EAS loop termination when SOGo is being shutdown (#3604)
  • [eas] now cache heartbeat interval and folders list during Ping ops (#3606
  • [eas] sanitize non-us-ascii 7bit emails (#3592)
  • [eas] properly escape organizer name (#3615)
  • [eas] correctly set answered/forwarded flags during smart operations
  • [eas] don’t mark calendar invitations as read when fetching messages

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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