SOGo v3.0.2 released
March 4, 2016

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 3.0.2. This is a minor release of SOGo which which focuses on small new features and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous release

New Features

  • [web] show all/only this calendar
  • [web] convert a message to an appointment or a task (#1722)
  • [web] customizable base font size for HTML messages
  • [web you can now limit the file upload size using the WOMaxUploadSize configuration parameter (integer value in kilobytes) (#3510, #3135)


  • [web] added Junk handling feature from v2
  • [web] updated Material Icons font to version 2.1.3
  • [web] don’t offer forward/vacation options in filters if not enabled
  • [web] mail filters are now sortable
  • [web] now supports RFC6154 and NoInferiors IMAP flag
  • [web] improved confirm dialogs for deletions
  • [web] allow resources to prevent invitations (#3410)
  • [web] warn when double-booking attendees and offer force save option
  • [web] list search now displays a warning regarding the minlength constraint
  • [web] loading an LDAP-based addressbook is now instantaneous when listRequiresDot is disabled (#438, #3464)
  • [web] improve display of messages with many recipients
  • [web] colorize categories chips in event and task viewers
  • [web] initial stylesheet for printing
  • [web] updated lodash to version 4.6.1
  • [i18n] updated French and Finnish translations
  • [eas] now support EAS MIME truncation

Bug fixes

  • [web] handle birthday dates before 1970
  • [web] safe-guarding against bogus value coming from the quick tables
  • [web] apply search filters when automatically reloading current mailbox (#3507)
  • [web] fixed virtual repeater when moving up in messages list
  • [web] really delete mailboxes being deleted from the Trash folder (#595, #1189, #641)
  • [web] fixed address autocompletion of mail editor affecting cards list of active addressbook
  • [web] fixed batched delete of components (#3516)
  • [web] fixed mail draft autosave in preferences (#3519)
  • [web] fixed password change (#3496)
  • [web] fixed saving of notification email for calendar changes (#3522)
  • [web] fixed ACL editor for authenticated users in Mail module
  • [web] fixed fab button position in Calendar module (#3462)
  • [web] fixed default priority of sent messages (#3542)
  • [web] removed double-quotes from Chinese (Taiwan) translations that were breaking templates
  • [web] fixed unseen count retrieval of nested IMAP folders
  • [web] properly extract the mail column values from an SQL contacts source (#3544)
  • [web] fixed incorrect date formatting when timezone was after UTC+0 (#3481, #3494)
  • [web] replaced checkboxes in menu by a custom checkmark (#3557)
  • [web] fixed attachments display when forwarding a message (#3560)
  • [web] activate new calendar subscriptions by default
  • [web] keep specified task status when not completed (#3499)
  • [eas] allow EAS attachments get on 2nd-level mailboxes (#3505)
  • [eas] fix EAS bday shift (#3518)

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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