SOGo v2.3.10 released
April 5, 2016

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.3.10. This is a minor release of SOGo which which focuses on small new features and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous release

New features

  • new Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) build (64-bit only)
  • new user-based rate-limiting support for all SOGo requests (#3188)

Bug fixes

  • respect the LDAP attributes mapping in the list view
  • handle empty body data when forwarding mails (#3581)
  • correctly set EAS message class for S/MIME messages (#3576)
  • we now handle the default classifications for tasks (#3541)
  • handle FilterType changes using EAS (#3543)
  • handle Dovecot’s mail_shared_explicit_inbox parameter when using EAS
  • prevent concurrent Sync ops from same EAS device (#3603)
  • handle EAS loop termination when SOGo is being shutdown (#3604)
  • avoid marking mails as read when archiving a folder (#2792)
  • now cache heartbeat interval and folders list during EAS Ping ops (#3606)
  • sanitize non-us-ascii 7bit emails when using EAS (#3592)

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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