SOGo v2.3.3 released
November 11, 2015

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.3.3. This is a minor release of SOGo which which focuses on small new features and improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous release

New features

  • initial S/MIME support for EAS (#3327)
  • now possible to choose which folders to sync over EAS


  • we no longer always entirely rewrite messages for Outlook 2013 when using EAS
  • support for ghosted elements on contacts over EAS
  • added Macedonian (mk_MK) translation - thanks to Miroslav Jovanovic
  • added Portuguese (pt) translation - thanks to Eduardo Crispim

Bug fixes

  • numerous EAS fixes when connections are dropped before the EAS client receives the response (#3058, #2849)
  • correctly handle the References header over EAS (#3365)
  • make sure English is always used when generating Date headers using EAS (#3356)
  • don’t escape quoted strings during versit generation
  • we now return all cards when we receive an empty addressbook-query REPORT
  • avoid crash when replying to a mail with no recipients (#3359)
  • inline images sent from SOGo webmail are not displayed in Mozilla Thunderbird (#3271)
  • prevent postal address showing on single line over EAS (#2614)
  • display missing events when printing working hours only
  • fix corner case making server crash when syncing hard deleted messages when clear offline items was set up (Zentyal)
  • avoid infinite Outlook client loops trying to set read flag when it is already set (Zentyal)
  • avoid crashing when calendar metadata is missing in the cache (Zentyal)
  • fix recurrence pattern event corner case created by Mozilla Thunderbird which made server crash (Zentyal)
  • fix corner case that removes attachments on sending messages from Outlook (Zentyal)
  • freebusy on web interface works again in multidomain environments (Zentyal)
  • fix double creation of folders in Outlook when the folder name starts with a digit (Zentyal)
  • avoid crashing Outlook after setting a custom view in a calendar folder (Zentyal)
  • handle emails having an attachment as their content
  • fixed JavaScript syntax error in attendees editor
  • fixed wrong comparison of meta vs. META tag in HTML mails
  • fixed popup menu position when moved to the left (#3381)
  • fixed dialog position when at the bottom of the window (#2646, #3378)
  • fixed addressbrook-only source entires having a c_uid set

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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