SOGo v2.3.2 released
September 16, 2015

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.3.2. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

Changes from the previous release


  • improved EAS speed and memory usage, avoiding many IMAP LIST commands (#3294)
  • improved EAS speed during initial syncing of large mailboxes (#3293)
  • updated CKEditor to version 4.5.3

Bug fixes

  • fixed display of whitelisted attendees in Preferences window on Firefox (#3285)
  • non-latin subfolder names are displayed correctly on Outlook (Zentyal)
  • fixed several sync issues on environments with multiple users (Zentyal)
  • folders from other users will no longer appear on your Outlook (Zentyal)
  • use right auth in multidomain environments in contacts and calendar from Outlook (Zentyal)
  • session fix when SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID is enabled but logins are domain-less
  • less sync issues when setting read flag (Zentyal)
  • attachments with non-latin filenames sent by Outlook are now received (Zentyal)
  • support attachments from more mail clients (Zentyal)
  • avoid conflicting message on saving a draft mail (Zentyal)
  • less conflicting messages in Outlook while moving messages between folders (Zentyal)
  • start/end shifting by 1 hour due to timezone change on last Sunday of October 2015 (#3344)
  • fixed localization of calendar categories with empty profile (#3295)
  • fixed options availability in contextual menu of Contacts module (#3342)

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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