SOGo 2.3.0 released
June 1, 2015

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.3.0. This is a major release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

New features

  • Internet headers are now shown in Outlook (Zentyal)


  • improved multipart handling using EAS

  • added systemd startup script (PR#76)

  • added Basque translation - thanks to Gorka Gonzalez

  • updated Brazilian (Portuguese), Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Russian, and Spanish (Spain) translations

  • calendar sharing request support among different Outlook versions (Zentyal)

  • improved sync speed from Outlook by non-reprocessing already downloaded unread mails (Zentyal)

  • added support for sharing calendar invitations

  • missing contact fields are now saved and available when sharing it (Office, Profession, Manager’s name, Assistant’s name, Spouse/Partner, Anniversary) (Zentyal)

  • appointment color and importance work now between Outlooks (Zentyal)

  • synchronize events, contacts and tasks in reverse chronological order (Zentyal)

  • during login, we now extract the domain from the user to accelerate authentication requests on sources

  • make sure sure email invitations can always be read by EAS clients

  • now able to print event/task’s description (new components only) in the list view (#2881)

  • now possible to log EAS commands using the SOGoEASDebugEnabled system defaults

  • many improvements to EAS SmartReply/SmartForward commands

  • event invitation response mails from Outlook are now sent

  • mail subfolders created in webmail are created when Outlook synchronises

  • mail root folder created in webmail (same level INBOX) are created on Outlook logon

Bug fixes

  • now keep the BodyPreference for future EAS use and default to MIME if none set (#3146)

  • EAS reply fix when message/rfc822 parts are included in the original mail (#3153)

  • fixed yet an other potential crash during freebusy lookups during timezone changes

  • fixed display of freebusy information in event attendees editor during timezone changes

  • fixed timezone of MSExchange freebusy information

  • fixed a potential EAS error with multiple email priority flags

  • fixed paragraphs margins in HTML messages (#3163)

  • fixed regression when loading the inbox for the first time

  • fixed serialization of the PreventInvitationsWhitelist settings

  • fixed md4 support (for NTLM password changes) with GNU TLS

  • fixed edition of attachment URL in event/task editor

  • sent mails are not longer in Drafts folder using Outlook (Zentyal)

  • deleted mails are properly synced between Outlook profiles from the same account (Zentyal)

  • does not create a mail folder in other user’s mailbox (Zentyal)

  • fix server-side crash with invalid events (Zentyal)

  • fix setting permissions for a folder with several users (Zentyal)

  • fix reception of calendar event invitations on optional attendees (Zentyal)

  • fix server side crash parsing rtf without color table (Zentyal)

  • weekly recurring events created in SOGo web interface are now shown in Outlook (Zentyal)

  • fix exception modifications import in recurrence series (Zentyal)

  • fix server side crash parsing rtf emails with images (with word97 format) (Zentyal)

  • fix sender on importing email messages like event invitations (Zentyal)

  • fix Outlook crashes when modifying the view of a folder (Zentyal)

  • fix server side crash when reading some recurrence appointments (Zentyal)

  • Outlook clients can use reply all functionality on multidomain environment (Zentyal)

  • optional attendes on events are now shown properly (Zentyal)

  • fixed the EAS maximum response size being per-folder, and not global

  • now set MeetingMessageType only for EAS 14.1

  • now correctly handle external invitations using EAS

  • now correctly handle multiple email addresses in the GAL over EAS (#3102)

  • now handle very large amount of participants correctly (#3175)

  • fix message bodies not shown on some EAS devices (#3173)

  • avoid appending the domain unconditionally when SOGoEnableDomainBasedUID is set to YES

  • recurrent all day events are now shown properly in Outlook

See for closed tickets and for the complete change log.

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