SOGo 2.2.9 released
September 26, 2014

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.2.9. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

Among the improvements since the previous SOGo release, there are :

New Features

  • support for recurrent tasks (#2160)
  • support for alarms on recurrent events / tasks


  • alarms can now be snoozed for 1 day
  • better iOS/Mac OS X Calendar computability regarding alarms (#1920)
  • force default classification over CalDAV if none is set (#2326)
  • now compliant when handling completed tasks (#589)
  • better iOS invitations handling regarding part state (#2852)
  • fixed Mac OS X Calendar delegation issue (#2837)
  • converted ODT documentation to AsciiDoc format
  • updated Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Russian, and Spanish (Spain) translations

Bug Fixes

  • fixed sending mails to multiple recipients over AS
  • fixed freebusy support in iCal 7 and free/busy state changes (#2878, #2879)
  • we now get rid of all potential control characters before sending the DAV response
  • sync-token can now be returned during PROPFIND (#2493)
  • fixed calendar deletion on iOS/Mac OS Calendar (#2838)

See the bug tracking system for the list of tickets closed with this release. You can also view the complete change log online.

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