SOGo 2.0.6 released
June 21, 2013

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SOGo 2.0.6. This is a minor release of SOGo which focuses on improved stability over previous versions.

Among the improvements since the previous SOGo release, there are :


  • updated CKEditor to version 4.1.1 (#2333)
  • new failed login attempts rate-limiting options. See the new SOGoMaximumFailedLoginCount, SOGoMaximumFailedLoginInterval and SOGoFailedLoginBlockInterval defaults
  • new message submissions rate-limiting options. See the new SOGoMaximumMessageSubmissionCount, SOGoMaximumRecipientCount, SOGoMaximumSubmissionInterval and SOGoMessageSubmissionBlockInterval defaults
  • now possible to send or not event notifications on a per-event basis
  • now possible to see who created an event/task in a delegated calendar
  • multi-domain support in Open<tt class="backtick"></tt>Change (implemented using a trick)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed decoding of the charset parameter when using single quotes (#2306)
  • fixed potential crash when sending MDN from Sent folder (#2209)
  • fixed handling of unicode separators (#2309)
  • fixed public access when SOGoTrustProxyAuthentication is used (#2237)
  • fixed access right issues with import feature (#2294)
  • fixed IMAP ACL issue when SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail is used (#2313)
  • fixed handling of CAS logoutRequest (#2346)
  • fixed many major Open<tt class="backtick"></tt>Change stability issues

See the bug tracking system for the list of tickets closed with this release. You can also view the complete change log online.

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