SOGo 1.0 released
March 19, 2009

The Inverse Team is pleased to announce the first final release SOGo. This first final release of SOGo is considered production-ready.

Among the improvements since the previous release, there are :

  • when double-clicking in the all-day zone (day & week views), the "All Day event" checkbox is now automatically checked
  • replaced the JavaScript FastInit class by the dom:loaded event of Prototype JS
  • also updated Prototype JS to fix issues with IE7
  • improvements to the underlying SOGo cache infrastructure
  • many improvements to DST handling
  • better compatibility with nginx
  • new SOGo login screen
  • added MySQL support

Moreover, with this release, Inverse also announces the immediate availability of new SOGo Connector and SOGo Integrator extensions for Mozilla Thunderbird. The integration has also been perfected with the Inverse Edition of Mozilla Lightning.

You can get everything from the download section, together with documentation.

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