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0005303SOGoWeb Mailpublic2021-04-20 04:48
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Product Version5.1.0 
Summary0005303: email folders with questionmark "?" in name are unusable

Questionmarks are valid characters in IMAP folder names.
When creating such a folder with SOGo 5.1.0 release, it will create it without problem.
You also can copy and move emails into that folder.
But when you try to open such a folder, SOGo will give you an 'Request failed' error on the right upper side, and not list any emails within that folder.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. login as userA to SOGo webinterface
  2. open Mail view
    3a. either select account and press three dots --> "New Folder..."
    3b. or select a folder and press three dots --> "New Subfolder..."
  3. type some name containing a questionmark, e.g. "folder with questionmark?"
  4. click on "OK"
    => folder will be created
  5. open another folder e.g. Inbox
  6. select an email in the list of emails by clicking on the icon in front of it
  7. click on the three dots above the list of emails --> "Move To" --> account name --> "folder with questionmark?"
    => email will be moved to that folder
  8. try to open folder "folder with questionmark?"
    => you get the above error, and nothing is displayed as content of that folder
  9. use another email client and check that postbox of userA
    => you can see "folder with questionmark?" and the email within it properly, and without any errors.
Additional Information

SOGo 5.1.0 release
Dovecot 2.3.14 (with mdbox storage)

When you try to create such a folder on the SOGo demo site, it will give you the following error box:
'An error occured while creating the mailbox "folder with questionmark?"

And you will get an error on right upper side with:
'The folder with name "folder with questionmark?" could not be created.'

But this will not prevent other email clients to create such a folder!



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