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0005354SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2021-07-14 09:29
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PlatformMobileOSAndroidOS Version10,11
Product Version5.1.1 
Summary0005354: Can not edit event in shared calendar on Android despite set permissions

I have a shared calendar between 2 accounts. The owner of the calendar sets the permissions for the other user such that the other person can modify, create and erase any event. If the person, the calendar is shared with, uses Thunderbird (and TbSync) it is possible to change events created by the other user. However, if the person is edited on an Android client, the other person can not modify any events. This is the case if the calendar is shared with ActiveSync as well as with CalDav.

One would expect that the user can change the event on the Android client as well.

Steps To Reproduce

The user A that shares the calendar with person B, sets the permissions for person B in Sogo to:

  • Public: Modify
  • Confidential: Modify
  • Private: Modify
  • [x] This person can create objects in my calendar.
  • [x] This person can erase objects from my calendar.
Additional Information

I've experienced this issue on a Xiaomi Android phone running Android 10, as well as an Google Pixel 4a running Android 11.

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2021-07-12 09:12

administrator   ~0015357

What app do you use to access your calendars through CalDAV?



2021-07-12 09:22

reporter   ~0015358

Davx5 (Version 2.6)



2021-07-12 09:47

reporter   ~0015359

I have now tried various combinations and it seems to be the case that the event can only not be edited by User B if User A creates the event on Android using ActiveSync. If I create the event with the calendar added through Caldav, the other user can edit it as well. From a brief look, it seems that Android sets "ORGANIZER;", can this be the reason?



2021-07-14 09:29

administrator   ~0015360

Do you receive a 403 when trying to edit the event? Do you have any error/exception in the log?

Please compare the generated vCalendar when you create the event with Android over EAS and another client over CalDAV.

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