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0005325SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2021-05-19 16:07
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Product Version5.1.0 
Summary0005325: Filter: Discard the message should not be first in list

Hi, when you add new action, it choose "Discard the message" as it first in list. This evil to add such option, people can evidently add one action and not take this in account and in result silently drop mail.

From user experience option "Discard the message" is dangerous as it sometimes accidental clicks on "add action" and inattention could lead to silently dropping of incoming mails.

Options like "File message in" and "Flag message as" fit better at the top, as they used by in filters much often then all other options and as they require user input, so they will stop any occasional people errors.

Proposition for actions order:

  1. File the message in
  2. Flag the message with
  3. Stop processing filter rules
  4. Keep the message
  5. Discard the message
  6. Forward the message to
  7. Send a reject message
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