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0005307SOGoWeb Mailpublic2021-04-29 17:02
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSRHEL/CentOSOS Version7
Product Version5.1.0 
Summary0005307: SOGo mail folder ACLs not editable with IMAPLoginFieldName

We are using Dovecot 2.3.14 as IMAP backend and MySQL 5.7 as user backend.

The user schema in this project requires that we set the IMAPLoginFieldName to a different field than LoginFieldNames, since dovecot uses some "internal" name to seprate the users and domains on a folder level which SOGo, and also the users, do not know about.

The translation of the "known" mail address to the internal username, which is used for the ACLs, works fine, we are able to initially set ACLs and also remove them. Unfortunately, once the ACLs are set, we are not able to see the active ACLs when opening the "Sharing" menu. We see the permitted users in the list, but selecting the user does not expand the list of ACLs for that user, so we can only completly remove the permissions and re-apply them afterward - see attached screenshot.

The getacl IMAP command seems to properly go through and receives a result:
C[0x56548caf8bc0]: 7 getacl "shared.<internal_username>"
S[0x56548c8204a0]: * ACL shared.<internal_username> shared.<permitted_internal_username> akxeilprwtscd

On another setup, where the username for the imap login and the sogo login is the same, this works without any issue.

Is this a known issue / is something else required to get the ACL listing working in the UI?

This is the domain specific SOGo configuration: = {
  SOGoUserSources = (
      type = sql;
      id =;
      DomainFieldName = domain;
      viewURL = mysql://foo:bar@;
      LoginFieldNames = (mail, c_uid);
      IMAPLoginFieldName = imap_uid;
      canAuthenticate = YES;
      isAddressBook = YES;
      displayName = &quot;Users&quot;;
      userPasswordAlgorithm = blf-crypt;
      KindFieldName = kind;
      listRequiresDot = NO;
  SOGoIMAPServer = &quot;imap://imap-backend:143/?tls=YES&tlsVerifyMode=none&quot;;
  SOGoSMTPServer = &quot;smtp://imap-backend587/?tls=YES&tlsVerifyMode=none&quot;;
  SOGoSieveServer = &quot;sieve://imap-backend:4190/?tls=YES&tlsVerifyMode=none&quot;;
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2021-04-28 16:44


Screenshot_20210428_170950.png (25,875 bytes)   
Screenshot_20210428_170950.png (25,875 bytes)   


2021-04-29 05:07

reporter   ~0015230

A found a "fix" for the issue. If I add the value of IMAPLoginFieldName to the LoginFieldNames, SOGo seems to be able to match the internal user with the user that is used to login. My change looks like following:

  • LoginFieldNames = (mail, c_uid);
  • LoginFieldNames = (mail, c_uid, imap_uid);

Not sure yet if this has any other unexptected side effects.



2021-04-29 17:02

reporter   ~0015232

The above mentioned "fix" seems to work as expected without side effect.

Is there a technical reason that this is required? SOGo should be able to find the matching c_uid of a user with the returned username value by the imap backend with the "getacl" command, since SOGo could find the matching user by his IMAPLoginFieldName, or am I missing something?

if it is intended that the value of IMAPLoginFieldName also has to be added to the list of LoginFieldNames, I think this should be mentioned in the documentation

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