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0005305SOGoActiveSyncpublic2021-05-04 03:19
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PlatformAppleOSiOSOS Version14
Product Version5.1.0 
Summary0005305: Spike of IMAP sessions at first EAS sync


after the upgrade at SOGo 5.1 (but it may have been there even before) we notice that when a new user setup their iPhone with ActiveSync protocol for the first time we have a peak of IMAP connection on IMAP server (Dovecot) during the initial synchronization.

Currently we have a limit of 50 IMAP session per IP and this limit is reached fast by SOGo. Analysing more in deep these sessions they are doing nothing, probably are open for FETCH and not close after.

Is this intentional or can be limited/fixed?


Steps To Reproduce

Setup an iPhone with an Exchange account where the EAS server is Sogo. During the first sync (if you have at least a thousand messages) you will see a spike of IMAP session for this user on dovecot server.

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2021-04-28 14:50

reporter   ~0015229

Have you set NGImap4DisableIMAP4Pooling = NO?
If this parameter is set to NO (default: YES) up to 50 imap connections can be used.



2021-05-04 03:19

reporter   ~0015241

thanks for your reply, yes I have NGImap4DisableIMAP4Pooling = NO, I don't know why. Now I remove it.

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