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0005300SOGoWeb Mailpublic2021-04-17 04:43
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Product Version5.1.0 
Summary0005300: Visibility of Attachments in Mail List & E-Mail Reading View

Dear Sogo Team,

A few users that are visually impaired reported the following Problem:

In the E-Mail List overview the icons that show that there is an attachment (or that the email has been answered/forwarded) are very small. Often the Users with no good eye vision do not notice that there is an attachment at all.

When reading the email there is not indication that there is an Attachment in a long conversation.

Usually answers are send on top of the conversation but attachments show at the end, lets say after 10 answers somebody attaches a file then its often overlooked.

A simple Solution would be to increase the attachment Paper Clip Icon Size and Add another Paper Clip to the top of the email.

A better Solution (but i guess programmatically more complex) would be to show the attachments or an on top of the email.

Steps To Reproduce

Send an Attachment after a 10 emails conversation.

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2021-04-17 04:43


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