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0005239SOGoActiveSyncpublic2021-01-09 09:55
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Summary0005239: FileAs Field not send by SOGO: Display name not synchronized

I am running a mailcow instance with sogo and use its ActiveSync Feature to synchronize address books. This worked until recently (?) just fine with Android Exchange accounts or TBSync for Thunderbird. However, apparently the 'FileAs' field is not send by SOGO anymore. Thus, the display name of the profile is not synced and the account is listed without a name in Thunderbird's addressbook.

The installed version is

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Sync using ActiveSync with TBSync in Thunderbird
  2. Check the logfile of TBSync that includes the received data
<LastName xmlns='Contacts'>XXX</LastName>
<FirstName xmlns='Contacts'>YYY</FirstName>
<MiddleName xmlns='Contacts'/>
<Title xmlns='Contacts'>%5Bobject%20Object%5D</Title>
<Suffix xmlns='Contacts'>%5Bobject%20Object%5D</Suffix>
<Department xmlns='Contacts'/>

There is no FileAs field. If you set the display name, it is sent to SOGO but on a new sync, its still not received.

In contrast, if I receive a contact from an OWA instance:

<Body xmlns='AirSyncBase'>
<Type xmlns='AirSyncBase'>1</Type>
<EstimatedDataSize xmlns='AirSyncBase'>0</EstimatedDataSize>
<Email1Address xmlns='Contacts'></Email1Address>
<FileAs xmlns='Contacts'>Man%2C%20This</FileAs>
<FirstName xmlns='Contacts'>This</FirstName>
<LastName xmlns='Contacts'>Man</LastName>
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sogo: master dd8ebd19

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fix(eas): handle fileAs element (fixes 0005239) Affected Issues
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Merge pull request 0000291 from tfux/5239

fix(eas): handle fileAs element (fixes 0005239)
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