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0000033SOGoWeb Mailpublic2020-03-06 05:56
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Product Version1.0.1 
Summary0000033: Forwarding several mails in one message.

When selecting several mails to forward, it opens one "compose message" pop-up per mail .
It would be nice to only open one "compose message" with all the mails attached to it. (as other email client would do).

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2019-05-02 07:13

reporter   ~0013559

In the newer versions of SOGo (3, 4) it seems there simply is no method to forward more than one email at a time, when you select multiple emails the only Forward button is inside one of the emails and only forwards that email. Is anyone else noticing this?

It would be really handy to have a Forward button which allows the forwarding of multiple emails together in one, when you have selected multiple emails via their check/tick boxes on the left.



2020-03-06 05:56

reporter   ~0014199


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