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0003283SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2015-07-17 09:23
ReporterMarten Gajda Assigned To 
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Product Version2.3.0 
Summary0003283: (read-only) Addressbook reports DAV:all privilege

Doing a propfind for current-user-privilege-set on a read-only address book returns DAV:all property.

According to the privilege set must contain all aggregated privileges. So the response should either not list DAV:all or it should also list all missing privileges.

Steps To Reproduce

Set the following request:

curl -X PROPFIND -u sogo3:sogo3 -H "content-type: application/xml" -H "Depth: 0" -d "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?><B:propfind xmlns:A=\"\&quot; xmlns:B=\"DAV:\"><B:prop><B:supported-report-set /><B:displayname /><B:current-user-privilege-set /><A:getctag /><B:sync-token /></B:prop></B:propfind>" | xmllint -format -

The response contains D:all when it shouldn't.

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