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0001990SOGoWeb Mailpublic2015-06-11 16:03
Reporteralessice Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.3.18 
Summary0001990: Sharing folder show all account on server

I'm using Dovecot with ACL as IMAP backend for SOGo and users in MySQL.

When an user want share a folder (right click on folder -> Sharing) and click on "Add" sogo show all users on the server. For example, if you insert "ale" in the search field all email "ale*@" are shown.

Since I set "isAddressBook" to NO I do not expect this behavior, and indeed is a problem for the privacy of my users.

In many cases, this behavior is not acceptable, especially if SOGo hosted multiple domains (also for the same company). Should at least be limited to show only users of the same domain, not all users in all domains.

This "problem" happens also with sharing calendar.

Can you add an options to restrict privilege lists from user sources?

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2012-09-25 14:18

administrator   ~0004548

Your current option is to configure multiple domains with different user sources.

Refer to "Multi-domains configuration" section from the installation guide.



2012-09-26 12:05

reporter   ~0004564


currently we host hundreds of domains and we would like to enable the use of sogo to all with the necessary privacy.

But it is not possible for us to create or update a configuration file for each domains.

Please consider the possibility to enable the use of sogo in a big multi-domain environments by simply adding the options proposed.

Are currently other alternatives to resolve this limitation?



2012-10-01 06:49

reporter   ~0004602


I have find a way to solve this issue:

defaults write sogod DomainFieldName "domain"


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