Released 1969-12-31
0004801: [Backend Calendar] Sogo's event invetetion with reminder is not working for MS clients - not supported calendar message.ics (francis)
0005383: [Backend General] Cyrillic unreadable in event notifications (francis)
0005391: [Backend Calendar] Invite e-mails in Thunderbird throw a 'unknown timezone' error because of bad quoted-printable encoding (3d3d) (francis)
0005393: [Backend Calendar] Invitations created with Thunderbird or web interface contain additional chars (francis)
0005378: [Web Mail] Unreadable content on sent emails (francis)
0005272: [Web Mail] Mail editor: icons in toolbar are missing (francis)
0005160: [Web Calendar] Request failed: Instance of recurring events not deletable (francis)
0005090: [Web Preferences] Two factor auth cannot be turned on (francis)
0005089: [Backend Mail] Modifying email filters not possible (francis)
0005083: [Web Mail] Signature not replaced/removed in Send Dialog (francis)
0005070: [with SOGo] [SOGo] current source cannot synchronize defaults (francis)
0005072: [Web Mail] no identity selected when replying to mail and always open mail composer "in a popup window" is set (francis)
0005054: [Web Mail] AutoReply with Mail identities no longer select an identity as reply (neither the default nor the addressed one) (francis)
0004903: [Backend Calendar] All-Day events created in Thunderbird are displayed as 24h event (francis)
0004356: [ActiveSync] Search in the global address book via EAS does not work (francis)
0005062: [Web Mail] Can't add new IMAP account from Web GUI (francis)
0005052: [Web Mail] Mail identities no longer work (francis)
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